25 November 2023 -25 January 2024

We are happy to announce our Open Call for 2024!

After 3 years of experiments, 11m3 is ready to launch its first Open Call to choose the projects that will be featured during 2024.

We believe that the 11m3 space and location offer a sui generis opportunity by its very nature -half private, half public-. Therefore, we are looking for projects that push the very nature of the space and propose interesting questions.

What we are interested in:

  • Site specific projects

  • Performances

  • Curatorial projects (specially if they rethink / defy / question the “curator” figure)

  • Collective and collaborative projects.

  • New media interactive projects

  • Approaches from Architecture / Urban Studies regarding the specific 11m3 space

What we are not very much looking for:

  • Already existing projects looking for a place to be shown (unless they prove to be really in dialogue with the window format)

  • Conventional expositive projects

The restrictions made by the landlord (our de facto co-curator)*

  • No nudes

  • No religion

  • No political content

*We, as 11m3, are very open to proposals that tactfully question these 3 vetoes under which we operate from the beginning. It has to be subtle, though, because we do not want to cause any harm to our neighbors, the Oriental Store team.

What we offer and financially cover:

Exhibition timeslots of maximal 3 weeks (shorter / longer if the project requires it) + one week for setting up and taking off.

  • Photographic documentation of the project and Vernissage social photos

  • Social media promotion and media press release

  • Poster design and promotion

  • Any additional activity in the frame of the exhibition (workshops, talks, etc., if the project requires it).

  • Artist Fee + Production Costs. The amount will depend on the resources acquired through sponsorships with cultural institutions.**

**All of the projects exhibited during 2023 received 400 Euros (250 € artist fee + 150 € Materials) thanks to the generous support of Stiftung Kunstfonds and its project NEUSTARTplus Plattformen.

IMPORTANT!: if the applicant / project is also applying to any other kind of funding, it must be clearly stated from the beginning. In case of obtaining it, we will not pay additional artist fees and exhibition costs, and we will also ask to be considered within the budget in a way specifically agreed upon for each case. This way, we can share the resources we have with the proposals that do not have any funding while also being able to guarantee our future as an independent art space.

What the artists should provide:

  • The artist/s should be available and present in Weimar for the times of the setting up, Vernissage and taking off of the exhibition.

  • We are a very small team. Setting-up and taking-off exhibition processes are entirely the responsibility of the artists. The 11m3 team will help but will not take care of them without the artist being present.

  • A thoughtful and descriptive text about the exhibition, as well as a Resumé or Bio text.

Who can apply?

The call is open to everyone. Proposals will be evaluated for their quality, relevance and pertinence. However -being aware of the difference in opportunities to show works- proposals and artists from Weimar and Thuringia, as well as students, art Professors, classes, staff members, associates and alumni from the Bauhaus Uni, will have special priority.

IMPORTANT!: the chosen artists must be in Weimar for the opening and taking off times of their exhibition.

Unfortunately, right now 11m3 can not financially support travel expenses from the artists. Please have this very much in mind if you are applying from a place different to Weimar.

We will not be able to consider other projects outside the times and conditions proposed outside of this Open Call.

How many projects will be chosen for 2024?

It will all depend on the quality and the quantity of the proposals. However, there will not be more than 8 “3-weeks exhibitions'', as this will offer space and time to develop other kind of spontaneous format: the performances and the actions in the space and the spontaneous collaborations with the Bauhaus Uni students for occasions like the Summaery and the Winterwerkschau.

Who will choose the selected projects?

11m3 Team (Carlos Santos and Nathalia Azuero).

How to participate in the 11m3 open call:

  • Please send renders, drawings, collages or any visual medium to show what you have in mind.

  • We also need a descriptive text where you explain your project and why it is related to the window.

  • Link to see more of your work.

  • Send a single PDF file no larger than 5 Mb to

IMPORTANT!: The proposals presented must be open to further discussion with the 11m3 Projektraum team. After three years of continuous work, we know from our experience what can be achievable and which things rarely work.

The selected projects should be ready to start in March 2023.

You can download photos from the empty 11m3 space and other render materials here.

Deadline: 25 January / 2024

Poster Design: Henry Boebst