A project by Nadja Kracunovic

11m3 Projektraum will turn into a Phone Booth as part of the ‘’Young Serbian Artist Adventures’’ (2022-ongoing),

a project by artist Nadja Kracunovic, fueled and shaped by the active participation of the audience.

In this second edition, a hotline is the chosen medium that will allow the public to talk with a young Serbian artist. Through these exchanges, the participants can share thoughts, ask questions, or simply share a joke or concern – anything they feel compelled to discuss or dare to ask.

The Art #Hotline is part of a simultaneous exhibition between crl - central elétrica (Porto, Portugal), BØWIE Creators (La Collective space) (Geneve, Switzerland), and 11m3 Projektraum (Weimar, Germany).

11.06.24 - 18.06.24

11m3 Projektraum wird finanziert durch die Unterstützung von: