An installation by Andrea Acosta

Everything that has existed has fallen and become part of something else. The forest is falling, or rather being felled, and only small fragments are left behind. Trees are not allowed to grow branches any more, as they are modified to yield wood that conforms to commercial standards. That very wood washes upon the shore much later, having lost its purpose and value, traveling aimlessly and slowly falling back into the soil it came from, becoming part of a future not yet visible. Even a space of death is full of life.

Employing a series of wood fragments collected in several walks across the landscape of Nida in Lithuania, Everything That has Existed has Fallen proposes a series of reassembled growing structures, a coming together of entities that, having lost their original purpose, speculate on other possible futures. How does the landscape remember and tell its story through its materialities, and what other stories can these remnants conjure? Can the wood remember once more how to be a tree, how to be a forest?"

14.07.23 - 04.08.23

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